Yngvar the Raven Feeder - Baruk

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Quick Overview A few hundred years ago, our country was peaceful. Everything came to a stop... more
Product information "Yngvar the Raven Feeder - Baruk"

Quick Overview

A few hundred years ago, our country was peaceful. Everything came to a stop once we were attacked by the southerners. In front of their armies, our lumberjacks couldn't defend themselves, let alone the land and its riches. We knew how to wield our axes like they were part of us, but without defenses, our numbers fell quickly. Then a simple solution came: make a longer handle. There was no need for defensive gear because we were out of reach of their swords, and we still could use our traditional tools.

Nowadays, centuries after these events, we have refined our war tactics, our weapons, and we are again at peace. The nearby countries know that if they try anything against us, each and every man and woman of our land will be ready for them, axe in hands.


This new LARP axe uses, as a handle, the popular wooden staff, while the steel-coloured head displays a golden cross. The weapon, created in collaboration with Les Armuriers d'Atlantide, is extremely realistic, and with the help of Calimacil foam, it is safe and durable. It will provide years of joy and epic battles without any damage or injury.

Special thanks to Kelly McCray who suggested the name on our Facebook page.


The front row isn't for you, but you still wish you could behead a few ennemies? This axe is for you. Safe warriors, organized groups and poorly-defended foot soldiers will appreciate the reach of this weapon that grants great defence while still being able to cut a man down. Armies should always have at least a company of axemen because, behind some shields, they will win wars.
Height: 147cm, 60cm
Width: 22cm
Weight: 350g, 840g
Material: Injected Polyurethane
Maintenance: Store in cold, dark location to prolong shelf life
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