Calimacil's Mythic Workshop Available at Of Science & Swords

Calimacil have been doing collaborations with a few different companies lately such as Bungie and , and perhaps the most excellent one to date is the new Mythic Workshop range that they've made in conjunction with Dracolite.

For those not in the know, Dracolite is one Montreal's greatest LARP store, and they have a history making their own range of products.

The new range is lightweight by Calimacil standards, and the foam feels a little softer than some of the other things in their current line up. Those are not criticisms though, as that extra elasticity in the foam means there's significantly more give when striking another player. Given the move towards "sharp" edges we feel this is defintiely a good move regarding player safety. After all, the thinner the striking surface the more force is imparted in the area that DOES make contact, and that in turn can lead to injury or rupturing the foam when striking others - that kinetic energy has to go somewhere!

While we're on the track of player safety we feel we should mention that we adviser against thrusting with the new range. 
While the ends of the cores are protected by the newer "tube tips" that a lot of companies are now implementing, meaning the core isn't just stabbing directly into the foam's internals and the whole tip softly bends out of the way, the thin end of the wedge of each othese weapons easily goes through the eye sockets of almost every helmet we're aware of. Unless you're wearing something like a fencing mask under a helmet, or some weird frogmouth helmet, a thrust to the face could end up being a poke in the eye.
We're aware that not all games allow head hits and/or thrusting, but we feel it's best to cover bases here.

Currently the rnage consists of: a dagger, a sword in three lengths, and a naginata / spear available for both light and dark elves, and these have been linked below for you to have a closer look at, and possibly order.

The banner promoting the new Mythic Workshops range has six figures on it, and so far only Ungholl and Arantar have been revealed, so we're waiting in trepidation to see what else the range will be bringing out.

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